Loans for cooperative housing


Cheap cooperative housing is especially in short supply in the big cities. Once you are lucky enough to find one, you have to hit it right away! In this article, we will try to dress you well for your first co-operative home purchase, as well as what thoughts you should make when applying for co-operative home loans.

The economy of the cooperative housing association

The economy of the cooperative housing association

A cooperative housing will always be part of a cooperative housing association. To assess whether you have found an attractive cooperative housing, it is essential to look at the association’s finances.

To assess the finances of a cooperative housing association, you should preferably be able to tick the following:

  • Is there positive equity in the association?
  • There are no so-called “SWAP loans” in the association.
  • The cooperative’s debt should preferably not be more than the association’s equity (rule of thumb)
  • Is there a profit on the latest financial statements?
  • Do the association repay their loans and do they not afford to afford a day without raising the housing tax?

Last but not least, you must of course have room in your financial room to pay off both the monthly housing tax to the cooperative housing association and at the same time pay off on the cooperative housing loan.

Advising the economics of a cooperative housing association can be difficult even for professional economists, which is why it is quite natural if you think the above economy talk is purely “volatile”. If so, you may want to ask your lender, the most cooperative mortgage providers are also experts in advising the economics of cooperative housing associations.

Cooperative housing loan

Cooperative housing loan

You really have to view a cooperative home loan as an ordinary loan in the bank. There is an interest rate and you pay off just like any other loan. In relation to interest rates, it is also an important point that it is typically a bit higher than if you, for example. having bought a house or condo.

Co-operative mortgage loans are more expensive than mortgages, since a co-operative mortgage is a bank loan that is in the bank and not in a mortgage institution. The rate of interest on cooperative mortgage loans with Lite typically ranges from 5-9%.

The interest rate fixing on the cooperative home loan typically depends on the applicant’s finances, the cooperative’s finances and the state and location of the home.

If you want to borrow for cooperative housing in the bank, interest rates can range from 3 to 13 percent. Thus, there is no guarantee that a cooperative mortgage loan in the bank is neither more expensive nor cheaper than a cooperative mortgage loan with Lite lender.

Determination of loan terms

Determination of loan terms

Loan terms on any loan will always be set based on how attractive the lenders think it is to offer the loan. Thus, an applicant with large savings and a healthy economy will almost always be offered a lower interest rate than an applicant with a poor economy.

In addition to interest, as a cooperative home buyer, you must also be aware of any handling fees, foundation costs and redemption conditions.

Co-operative mortgage loans outside the bank

Mortgage loans at Lite lender are financed through a network of professional investors. In practice, investors are thus competing to offer you the most attractive loan terms, which is your guarantee of the best loan terms outside the bank.

If you want fixed interest rates on your cooperative mortgage loan, Lite lender is among the only players in the market to offer this, as banks for mysterious reasons only offer cooperative mortgage loans with variable interest rates.

Redemption of cooperative housing loans

Most cooperative home loans can be redeemed at 3 months notice for a term, at a repayment rate of 103-105. This means that with most cooperative housing loans on the market at relatively short notice, you would be able to terminate your loan if you need to move or convert to a cheaper loan.