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What is a consolidation loan? It is a combination of many debts into one debt, combining debts in this way you can have only one installment to pay instead of many installments. By extending the loan period, you can effectively reduce the monthly installment that you will pay. By choosing a consolidation loan, you can consolidate almost all types of debt, including:

  • loan
  • payday loan,
  • cash loans,
  • loans for any purpose,
  • credit card debt,
  • debit on the bank account etc.

Before I raise the topic of where it is easiest to get a consolidation loan, I will address the issue of the profitability of such a solution.


Request the best consolidation loan 100% online today

Let me first address your question about the sense and profitability of consolidation loans, ie converting multiple installments into one installment. Well, the best consolidation loan from Consolidation Now can actually be quite a helpful solution.

Because when the installments of all your obligations are starting to weigh you down and cause a problem with financial liquidity, then converting all these installments into one smaller installment can save you from falling into a debt loop or using payday loans, as was the case in your case, payday loans they are too expensive to be used to pay other obligations.

However, the problem arises when the liabilities burden the household budget very much and the earnings remain stable or even decrease.

Then you lose your creditworthiness, which is the key factor for a bank granting a consolidation loan, which determines whether the loan is granted or refused. However, I hope you have sufficient creditworthiness and there will be no problem with that.

You can always give the bank something against the collateral, which means that you decide to consolidate against the house, flat or car.


When does consolidation not pay?

The decision to take a consolidation loan does not seem sensible in three situations:

  1. When these are small amounts of liabilities, and you have good earnings and you deal with repayment of installments. Why then combine all installments into one and extend the repayment period of the consolidation loan? Why pay interest on a consolidation loan unnecessarily?
  2. If your liabilities were incurred for a short period (a year or two) or when you start to approach the end of repayment of these obligations, then taking a consolidation loan for the so-called finish is unfounded.
  3. When you received credit/loans on preferential terms (selected professions) or when you found a promotion. It is not worth consolidating cheap liabilities because it is very difficult to find a consolidation loan offer on better terms.


How long does it take to get a consolidation loan

If the documents required by the bank are fine and complete, it is a matter of several days to get the loan. What documents does the bank ask for?

Most often they are:

  • the personal account statement,
  • loan and credit agreements that you want to consolidate,
  • credit card statement (many people do not know that even an unused credit card limit – reduces creditworthiness),
  • certificate of earnings and form of employment,
  • declaration of marital status.